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Who we are & what we do

The association "Aquarela Fraeungruppe" was founded by a group of five women with migration background, who would like to help other migrant women.

In our association, women with a history of migration are involved in projects to promote tolerance, integration, exchange, mutual help and support for migrant women.

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What does Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V. stand for?

Our commitment is to welcome women, to connect them and to change our lives and our surroundings in ethical and positive ways.

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What is Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V. based on?

A group of women with an international background developing medium and long-term emmotional values for each member, for her family and  for the community.

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Equal Rights


Who is behind Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V.?

Our founders

Karla Bastos

Today I feel integrated here and would like to welcome and support migrants from our region. That's why I'm involved with Aquarela.

Juliana Avila

My commitment to Aquarela is based on the fact that I myself have experienced the situation several times and know itβhow difficult it is when the new home is abroad.

We would like to integrate you into your life and make your stay in Germany easier. Let's use this multicultural exchange and the  Maintain relationships!

Fabiane Ern Zeller

Katiane Holanda Fukamachi

What motivates me is the opportunity to combine experiences and ideas and thus contribute to the empowerment of women.

Julia da Silva

My commitment at Aquarela is to support migrant women and be part of a strong network of trust and solidarity for women.

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