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What we offer

Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V. supports and empowers women to shape their lives in a self-determined manner and to actively participate in their society.

Women for women

To fulfill our mission to welcome, inform and empower migrant women,we develop offers on the subject areas Integration, cultural heritage, women's well being and Diversity. Learn more about our projects: 

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Actions, activities and events that promote social integration and the development of skills in Germany.


Women's well being

Actions, activities and events aimed at the individual, emotional and financial well-being of women through the empowerment of women.

Todas as mãos


Actions, activities, events that promote dialogue against discrimination and racism.


Cultural Heritage 

Preservation, strengthening and promotion of cultural heritage.

How can we help?

It doesn't matter whether you have just came to Germany or have lived here for a long time. We all need help at some point. Therefore we accept you into our community at any time, in which we support each other through the exchange of experiences and information. Get to know our work and find out where and how you want to participate.

Information on professional recognition

How to get your diploma recognized in Germany!

"ABC" of integration in the region

We would like to bring you closer to the diversity of the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg region with our tips.

Bulletin board

Would you like to post your ad on our wall for free?  Write us a short message and we will get in touch with you.

Brazilian community

Click here to learn more about initiatives and organizations dedicated to supporting the Brazilian community in Germany.

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