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How can you support us?

An association created almost entirely from private funds cannot exist in the long term without sponsoring members. So we need your support!  ​

Thanks to the help of our sponsoring members, we have the opportunity to provide our offers on a long-term basis.


Helping Hands

Your gender, your country of origin or the languages you are fluent in do not matter. Everyone who identifies themselves with our goals is welcome to the Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V.!

To become a member, send us a copy of the signed membership form to or, if you wish, the
printed version by post.

If you prefer, you can also conveniently use your electronic signature on the form.

The annual fee is 12 euros.

Note: To use direct debit, please also fill out the SEPA direct debit mandate, which appears on the second page of the membership form.

If you choose a different method of payment, the second page does not have to be completed.

Become a member as a company, association or comparable organization? We look forward to interested parties!

Grupos de suporte

Would you like to volunteer for the Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V.?

You are very welcome to work with us and help Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V. 's vision to go further. Join us and become part of our team!

Write us a short message and we will get in touch with you. We are looking forward to it! ​


Donate Now

Would you prefer to support us with a one-time donation? No problem - you can simply donate an amount of your choice!  Only through your donations - whether 10 or 1,000 euros - can we implement the projects we have planned and, above all, can our work  continue permanently.


Aquarela Frauengruppe eV
IBAN: DE71 2505 0000 0201 5890 66
Norddeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale
Purpose: donation, name, email

Voluntários Femininos

Donation Receipt

A donation receipt or invoice is proof of a donation that is made voluntarily and free of charge to an organization. Aquarella Frauengruppe e.V. can issue you the donation receipt so that it can be considered as a special expense at the tax office.

Waterside Women

Would you like to donate and request a donation receipt?

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