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Meeting on April 15, 2021, 4:30 p.m.


Ms. Stephanie Deutges

City of Wolfsburg - School division - School advice

Porschestr. 74 38440 Wolfsburg

Tel: 05361-281129

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Our questions


Is there a preschool in every kindergarten?

That used to exist, it no longer exists. Today, usually when the children are in kindergarten for the last year, the year before they start school, there are groups that usually meet once a week. Children from all groups are brought together and prepared for school. They are preschool groups.

There is also the possibility for children who still have difficulties with the language to go to elementary school once a week and receive language training there.


What is Flexi / Can / Must-Child?

Must children: are children who have their 6th birthday from October 2nd of the previous year to July 1st of the current year. School is compulsory.


  Registration should follow 1 year before the 6th birthday by May 1st.


Flexi children: For 2-3 years there has been the possibility that parents, whose children will reach the age of six in the period from July 1st to September 30th, can decide "is my child" without explaining too much not that far, it should go to school a year later "


Advice from Aquarela Women's Group: The parents should have decided by May 1st of each school year whether the child's enrollment should be postponed by one year. In this case, a written declaration to the school is sufficient.


Optional children: Children who are really very advanced in their development, but have a birthday from October 2nd, can be registered for school by parents. However, the decision is made by the school management.



What happens to the children who have to go to school but are not ready yet? What are the options?

For children who are required to attend school, but who still need special support due to their individual level of development (social and / or learning), there is a school kindergarten, which is not affiliated with the kindergarten, but with the elementary schools. This is for children who have to go to school.

These children have the option of either going to school kindergarten for a year or going to kindergarten for a year.

There are 5 school kindergartens in Wolfsburg: GS Regenbogenschule, GS Fallersleben, GS Hasenwinkel-Neindorf, GS Friedrich-von-Schiller-Schule and GS Alt-Wolfsburg.


You will receive a letter for the registration with the information regarding the enrollment examination, registration period, etc.

What is the procedure if the entry (newcomers) takes place after the appointments (enrollment examination)?

When you register your place of residence, it is recorded that there is a school-age child with you.

But it is better if you contact the school division or the health department beforehand in order to make up an appointment for an enrollment examination.


Do Can-Children also get a letter for school enrollment?

No. Must and Flexi children get the letter.

Can-children not because they are first scheduled for the following year. If the parents are of the opinion that the child should go to school earlier, then the parents must take care of it. You have to report to the school where you want to register the child and discuss it with the school management.


the  City of Wolfsburg, the parents can decide where the child will start school.

The places in elementary schools are usually occupied by district children.

Some schools have a 2nd or 3rd "location", but the administration is mainly in the main office.

For example the primary school Ehmen / Mörse (central administration is in Ehmen).


Great demand in a school: lottery procedure? What does that mean? Are there rules for the “lottery”? Can that be compared to a lottery?

If a primary school receives more registrations than places, the children from the city of Wolfsburg are prioritized and then the remaining places are allocated. The schools make their own lottery procedure.

Siblings are taken into account in the grammar school.


Are there (transparency) criteria for a place at a school for children who do not live in Wolfsburg?

A special permit is required for children from another residential area  give with a reason.

An example is when the child moves and there is only one year left to finish school. In such cases, as long as the places are available, the child with the special permit may continue to attend this school.


Language promotion / testing: how does it work? Each school has its own or is there a standard procedure?

This concept of language support in primary schools used to exist, it no longer exists.

It was found that the young children can learn the language and follow the content very quickly.

From the 5th grade onwards there is a language requirement group in 2 schools (in Wolfsburg and in Fallersleben). These are the "language learning classes"


Are children who do not yet speak German also graded? Which subjects? How long?

  The children who have not yet mastered the language are only graded in, for example, sports or subjects where the language is not relevant. For 1-2 years the children are not graded, if they do not speak German, then they are.


Lateral entry student, how can parents know where there are still possible places? Internet, city?

You can contact the school advisory service and ask in which school there is still a place available for the year. The school advisory service has an overview of which schools still have places available. Or everyone can choose their own place.


Do children who do not speak German automatically have to go to secondary school? Or can the parents decide?

No, definitely not automatically. The parents have to decide that. You would have to think about it if the children are really that fit and the difficulties really only depend on the language, it is always good to get advice from school and not necessarily to go to high school. For example, you could choose a comprehensive school. You still have a little more time to study, it may not be that difficult and you can do your Abitur later. That would be the recommendation in this case.

There is also the secondary school, where the two types of school, secondary school and secondary school, have been combined.

In the end, the children should not be over-encouraged, that is the most important thing.



How can parents check which foreign languages the school offers? (secondary schools)

You can usually find this if you look at the school's homepage or inquire directly at the school. Most of the language that is now in our school is first of all English the basic language, this is already started in a playful way in elementary school. Then there is also, not everywhere, but mainly French, Spanish and Latin. These are the foreign languages that are offered the most. Russian is also offered at the Phoenix Gymnasium.


Will there be open days at schools in 2021?

No, unfortunately not this year because of Corona. But there are some schools that offer the digital.  You have to look at the school's homepage.


Is there a school ranking for schools in Wolfsburg?

No, officially there are no grades for schools. There are reviews from parents on the homepage, but of course that is very personal.


Can I enroll in several schools at the same time?

It is actually asked to only enroll the child in one school. Private schools, such as the New School, are excluded. These make an extra registration process.


What happens if the child does not get a place at the school they want?

That can of course happen and then you basically have to switch to another school. You can usually be put on waiting lists, but you don't know the chances.  


A child is at a grammar school or secondary school and during the school year the parents or students notice that it is not the right type of school (under / overstrained) when can a change take place?

In principle, a change of school or type of school does not always follow in the middle of the school year, but rather in the half-year (end of January) or in summer (after the summer holidays).

But if this is such a hardship that the child is completely over-supported, it can of course be discussed with the school.


Terms: municipal sponsorship or independent sponsorship: what does that mean for the parents / children?

For the parents / children it basically makes no difference. In church sponsorship it means, for example, that church services are attended or that there are church festivals and religious instruction, but otherwise in terms of concept, in terms of the curriculum, what is learned is the same as in the city schools.


All-day school, open all-day school or partial all-day school: is there a direct connection to the type of school? (for example: all IGS are all-day schools?)

Partially bound means that there are also mandatory days in the afternoon for school lessons. Open means that the parents can decide how many days they want to register the child in the afternoon or not at all. There are 3 primary schools that are partially tied, but most of them are open all-day schools and you can choose whether the child is registered in the afternoon or not.


How does the advanced technical college entrance qualification differ from the high school diploma?

A student on the IGS who decides the 13Kl. not to continue has the technical college entrance qualification?


You have a technical college entrance qualification after grade 12 if you don't want to go any further, i.e. if you don't want to do the Abitur or if you think you won't be able to do it exactly. For some things you don't necessarily need a high school diploma, such as studying at a university of applied sciences. You have a good foundation to start your studies or work.

If you do your Abitur after the 13th grade, you also have the opportunity to go to university.


What is the difference between university, college and technical college?

University and college are a term that offer a wider range of fields of study (e.g. medicine can only be studied at university).


Does the Abitur grade only consist of the Abitur exams?

No, it doesn't just depend on high school exams. The exams go with a third. Then the results (certificate grades) from years 12 and 13 are also counted. It is summarized, divided, calculated and then at the end you have the Abitur grade.



Thanks very much!

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