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Statute of the non-profit association

"Aquarela women's group"

§ 1 Name and Registered Office  

  • The association bears the name "Aquarela Women's Group". After his  Entry in the register of associations he carries the addition eV 

  • The association is based in Wolfsburg. 

  • The fiscal year is the calendar year.  

§ 2 purpose of the association  

Purpose of the association is the promotion of international sentiment, the tolerance on  all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding. “Aquarela Women's Group” particularly promotes the integration of Portuguese  speaking women and all with female gender identities who are in  Live Germany.  

The purpose is achieved in particular through:  

  • The promotion of integration and equal opportunities for migrant women. • The promotion of acceptance and intercultural competence, both in the  Majority population, as well as people with a migration background • The promotion of people with an immigrant biography, one you  to enable equal participation in society 

  • The promotion of intercultural encounters and tolerance as well as the coexistence of social or ethnic groups 

  • The offer of a platform for exchange and support of  Migrants as "help for self-help" 

  • Mutual help and support, especially in promoting  Rights of women, children and young people in the sense of the association's purpose • Educational offers that serve the above-mentioned goals 

  • Cultivating culture, tradition and art.

  • A cross-national cooperation of the association with others  charitable and social institutions and networks involved in this  In the area.


§ 3 Non-profit status, use of funds  

  • The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes in  Meaning of the section "tax-privileged purposes" of the tax code.  • The association is selfless: it does not primarily pursue 

  • commercial purposes. Funds of the association are only allowed for 

  • statutory purposes are used. Members do not receive any  Contributions from funds of the association. No person is allowed to spend  which are alien to the purpose of the corporation or which are favored by disproportionately high remuneration.  

§4 membership  

  • Any natural or legal person can become a member if they recognize the goals of the association. 

  • Membership must be applied for in writing. It is required for minors  the consent of a legal representative. 

  • The board decides on the application for membership. 

  • The applicant is against the rejection, which does not require a justification  or the applicant the appeal to the general meeting, which  then finally decides.  

§5 Termination of Membership  

  • The membership ends with the death of the member (for natural persons), the dissolution (for legal persons). 

  • Membership termination must be given in writing to the board of directors.

  • The written declaration of resignation must be given one month's notice  be submitted to the board of directors at the end of the financial year. 

  • An exclusion can only take place for an important reason. Important reasons are  in particular a behavior that damages the goals of the association, the violation  statutory obligations or arrears of contributions of at least one  Year. The board decides on the exclusion. Against the exclusion  the member has the right to call the general meeting.  This request must be sent to the board in writing within one month  judge. The general assembly decides within the framework of the association  finally. The member has the option to review the measure by calling  the ordinary courts reserved. The invocation of a proper one  The court has suspensive effect until the judicial one becomes final  Decision.  

§6 contributions  

Membership is subject to contributions. The amount of the contribution is determined by the  General meeting set.  

§7 organs of the association   

Organs of the association are:  

  • the general assembly 

  • the board  


§8 The General Assembly  

  • All members who have properly paid their contribution are entitled to vote in the general assembly. 

  • The general assembly is the highest organ of the association. To their tasks  include in particular the election and deselection of the board of directors, the discharge  of the board of directors, the receipt of the reports of the board of directors, the election of the  Cash auditors, the determination of the contribution and its due date, the  Resolutions to change the statutes, the dissolution of the association as well as other tasks, insofar as these result from the statutes or according to the law. 

  • The general meeting is held at least once a year. The invitation must be sent in writing by the board with a period of one week  take place. 

  • The general meeting has appeared regardless of the number of people  Members quorate. 

  • The general meeting is chaired by a board member. • Minutes are to be made of the resolutions of the general assembly,  which from the chairman of the meeting and the secretary to  sign is. 

  • The board of directors or 1/3 of the association members can have an extraordinary  General meeting called. The invitation takes place at least 1  Week before the date of the extraordinary general meeting.  

§9 The board of directors  

  • The board of directors within the meaning of § 26 BGB consists of at least 3 and the highest  5 members and is by the general meeting for the duration of 2  Years elected. 

  • Only members of the association can belong to the board of directors. • Re-election is permitted. 

  • The board of directors is responsible for all issues of the association and represents it  legal. The association is shared by two members of the board of directors  represent. 

  • He is responsible for the preparation, calling and implementation of the  General assembly as well as for the implementation of the resolutions passed.  • The board has a quorum if at least one of its members  is present. 

  • Upon termination of membership in the association, the office as  Board of directors.

§10 funds of the association  

The association is financed from:  

  • Membership fees 

  • Income from own services 

  • Grants, donations, foundations 

  • If a member resigns or is excluded, there is no entitlement to  Contributions paid, donations or other reimbursement of inducements.  

§11 cash audit  

  • The general assembly elects one for a period of 2 years  Cash auditor. 

  • This / r may not be a member of the board of directors. 

  • Re-election is permitted.  

§12 Dissolution of the Association  

  • The general assembly decides on the dissolution of the association  2/3 majority of club members. 

  • This does not apply if the association is dissolved or if its previous purpose no longer applies  Assets of the association to the "Dravet Syndrome eV", which it directly  and has to use it exclusively for charitable purposes.  

Wolfsburg, October 10, 2020

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