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Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V.

An association for committed women with a migrant background 


Aquarela Women's Group eV

More colors for women's connection

What do we offer

We develop measures related to integration, cultural heritage, women's well being and diversity

Project "Hand in Hand"

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Due to difficulties with the German language, women often do not feel confident enough to attend a few appointments alone. (e.g. examinations & doctor's appointments, visits to authorities, banks, schools, kindergartens, etc.). In order to support thosen women Aquarela has launched the "Hand in Hand" project.

Do you need help with an appointment?

Please contact us and we will do our best to find someone who can accompany you!

Would you like to volunteer?

he help can be either face-to-face (accompaniment to the institution) or by telephone.
If yes, please contact us and inform in which languages you could offer your help.

You can reach us per e-mail (, phone or WhatsApp (+49 1575 3617234)

We look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome Book

Moving to another country is a big challenge. 

In order to facilitate the integration process and to support immigrants in the Wolfsburg region, Aquarela Frauengruppe e.V. has mobilized several women with international backgrounds to bring valuable information and tips together into an e-book. 

Would you like to download our Welcome Book? Just click on the picture bellow and have fun! 


Violence against women & girls

Society must not accept violence against women.

This situation is even worse for people who have emigrated to a foreign country and experience forms of violence there.


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Our Annual Report 2023

Would you like to find out more about what Aquarela Frauengruppe does?
Just click below and download our 2023 Annual Report.

Our partnerships

We are looking for institutions and associations that share our values and goals in order to build partnerships and develop projects together.

Is your organization interested? Please contact us directly by

Email .  

We are looking forward to our future cooperation!



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